Legend of the Blue Dragon is a mobile multi-player text-based game. It is based on Legend of the Green Dragon, a browser-based RPG which is itself based on an older BBS game called Legend of the Red Dragon.

A Blue Dragon is wreaking havoc in a town where you have recently arrived. Multiple players compete over a period of weeks to advance their skills and to kill the dragon. In order to achieve this goal, players must face combat to gain experience. Once they have gained enough experience, they must face their master at Turgon’s Warrior Training and advance in skill level. Advancement presents stronger enemies and masters; a player must reach level 12, the final level, before challenging Turgon himself and attacking the dragon.

This website has been created to grant support to users from the different mobile markets, although the game is only available for Android at the moment.

Stay tuned for future updates or get support now!

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