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April 7, 2013 at 5:40 pm #44


I have updated my rating in play store to reflect the fact that you are making an honest effort to maintain the game. Apologies for being overly hasty but I still completely disagree with the fact that the old timers have 600+ HP. That said, here are a few bugs I have found:

No amount of gems will allow me to purchase potions from Cedrik. I get a PHP division by zero error every time.

Even as a male player, the option to chat with Seth is still there but it takes you to chat with Violet.

Crazy Audrey occasionally has crazy php issues with certain colors.

Occasionally colors within creatures’ names in the Forest flip out similar to Crazy Audrey.

Some players who are older in the game have 600+ hp which makes it impossible to be competitive as a new player. I played LORD avidly as a kid and I ran a BBS so I know the workings of the game and this was not a feature in any version I ever had installed, even with IGMs. If this is intentional, I would urge you to reconsider and fix this because new players are just going to leave after getting raped by someone who is unkillable repeatedly.

I will check this out again in a few months. Unfortunately this just isn’t for me at this time. Thanks for the nostalgia though.

April 8, 2013 at 12:10 am #45

Blue Dragon

First, thanks for your feedback!

I really appreciate the fact you took time to go over all issues you encountered in game; these details will help me troubleshoot them.

I can confirm division by zero issue with Cedrik; I’m working on the engine to fix that.

The Chat with Seth and weird colors issue will be investigated right after; You’re not the first one to report colors, so I guess it will be simple for me to replicate.

Finally, concerning disparity with players’ HP, you need to know that it was not intentional; Legend of the Blue Dragon is an Android fork of Legend of the Green Dragon. In fact, the game itself is using an API on top of the latest version of DragonPrime engine.

Although it may not have been an original feature of LoRD, Cedrik and his gems seem to have been a LoGD feature for quite a while. I can still find old references to this on the interwebs; http://www.angelfire.com/ultra/purplefreaks/hints.html. Additionally, once the issue you mentioned will be fixed, all players are gonna be able to leverage this feature. For this reason, I plan on keeping it in the current version of the game.

An alternate solution could be to implement a second game server for the game, on which Cedrick (as well as non-original features) could be disabled. Could be that be something interesting? Would that get you back playing?

Thanks again!

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