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June 4, 2013 at 4:40 am #59


Reduce or mitigate the advantage given by buying extra hitpoints, etc. from Cedrik. If you want to attract a lot of new players, I think you’ll have more luck if there is a more level playing field. Older players should have an advantage but the excess hitpoints create a very apparent imbalance that new players will notice right away. If nothing else it would be nice to see veteran bonuses that are more spread out or more subtle (vanity items, bonuses for being in clans with a large number of dragon kills, slightly boosted RNG in fights because they’ve seen more combat, etc.). If a new player sees that someone they’re fighting has an ungodly amount of hitpoints, they’re more likely to give up than if the advantages the veteran has aren’t as obvious/visible. I realize you don’t want to take anything away from the veterans or diminish their achievements. Having said that, I think most players would like to see a more populated realm. I don’t think you’ll be able to draw the numbers you want if new players don’t feel like they have at least have some chance to catch up with the veterans. You could even have gem drop rates follow a logarithmic curve or something along those lines. New players could boost their stats faster but would be very unlikely to catch up with the veterans who continue to play (as the higher their stats/rank, the less likely they are to find gems). On a side note, are there any in-game rewards for contributing money (or other resources) to the project?

June 4, 2013 at 3:49 pm #61

Blue Dragon


Thanks for your ideas!

As I suggested here; … an alternative solution to Cedrik potions could be to run a second server for the game on which this game feature would be disabled. Let me know what you think!

At the moment, there’s no in-game rewards for contributing, but this is something I’m planning to implement at some point! 🙂

June 4, 2013 at 9:06 pm #62


Replies are disabled in the thread you referenced, so I’ll reply here. The main problem I see with running two versions of the game is that it splits your userbase and ultimately hurts players in both versions of the game.

Most newbies aren’t going to want to play in an environment where it’s obvious they can never catch up with the veterans. It doesn’t necessarily have to be easy to catch up (or even be possible) but you have to make them feel like it’s worth the effort to try. Most gamers also like to have rewards that stick around from their past victories. An instance of the game where everything is reset doesn’t reward them for killing the dragon or leveling up numerous times. Games are addictive in part because they reward players for effort and the more they play, the more rewards stack up. The bigger the rewards, the more likely they are to come back (and to pay real money for a registered version of the app). If the player loses all their rewards when the game resets, they’re less likely to continue playing. The perks don’t have to be huge and the returns can taper off, but there have to be some small perks for continuing to play after each dragon kill.

Veterans aren’t likely to want to play the reset-everything mode, either. They’ve put in a lot more effort and have been around a lot longer than a day 1 player. Veterans who have built up characters on the standard server are going to want to play where they have an advantage. The problem with this is that if new players aren’t drawn to the standard mode, the veterans will inevitably get bored and stop playing. The fun part about being a veteran is that you can either mentor newbies or slice them to pieces with your sword of doom. No newbies to help/kill equals no fun being a veteran. IMHO, rewards for veterans are fine as long as they’re not a guaranteed “I Win” button. That situation makes the game not at all fun for new players. Without new players your app doesn’t get rated highly and the flow of newbies to help/kill disappears, eliminating the whole point of being a badass veteran in the first place.

June 13, 2013 at 5:13 am #63


Why not make it like tournament lord where it only lasted for so long and then a winner was declared. Then you can have a few going at the same time and a new one starting every week. That way people can feel validated for being number one and then there\’s always a new tournie starting for newbies too redeem themselves.

And what the HFIL is the deal with there not being a single peice of ASCII/ANSI art in the whole game? Get on it or let someone throw you a few. It\’d probably only take me a couple days to fill in the basics like in the original.

Pleaze, just don\’t hire koreans to do the art for cheap and make it all animed out like every other game on andriod.

June 14, 2013 at 12:27 am #65

Blue Dragon

I like your idea of tournament LORD Drifer… However, players that have been playing for a while may not appreciate the fact I would kill current LORD world, so what I’d do is probably keep it but also add tournament mode to the game.

I already had the plan to support ASCII art at some point. The “HFIL” is that Dragonprime engine doesn’t support it, nor the Android version therefore… 😛 Plus, it would be difficult to interface with a native build of mobile version, since the font would break everything…ASCII Art screenshot? Sounds weird!

I’m really considering to customize the engine, which will allow me to use Phonegap as LotBD base… And since so many players are now playing directly on the Web version, I guess it might be a good idea for a theme update too!

June 14, 2013 at 5:36 pm #66


Maybe have a theme select under settings so you could have an ‘old sckool’ for nostalgic folks and then have a ‘Normal’ as the default. Or hell, stylized ascii. Draw a blend of suedo 3d and ascii. Just a nicely done jpg with a few classic ascii symbols in it in their original font. Maybe give ’em a little 3d perspective.

Like your idea of keeping the current game and starting tournies. Might even just blend tournament, time limit and infinite length games and have a few of each at any one time.
Like what you’re doing. Think you’re definitely are headed in the right direction with the changes you’ve made. Like dicking around in hell its a lot of fun.

Sorry. Typing this on a droid so I’m not going back and fixing any errors. GF broke my last two computers.

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