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June 20, 2013 at 3:36 am #69


So, I\’ve been playing this game for about a week now and I was kinda noticing something about it that\’s tragic. Real bad move…game killer move. First it started with me not getting the 50% xp I use to get in original LORD. Lame. Pivotal was the fact you were better off levelling up in later rounds through cutthroat gaming. This is what makes people interact with people. This is what creates rivalry and also gets people to band together.

Kept playing… then I got shafted for 3 gems by the barkeep and couldn\’t kill anybody. No attack option… maybe an error? Ethier way, not that important as the next problem…

I went to attack someone of a level higher than me in the field… couldn\’t use my thieving skills on him?!? BS! That is nothing, but killing core LORD gameplay. That\’s suppose to be the advantage of the lower player! And then after finding this out I then found out I couldn\’t flee.

Reminds me of Diablo. They took out all the risk of enteracting with other players in number two…might have changed that in three…

For all the benefits of playing with other players you have to except all the negatives of it too. Or else the game might as well be \”fun fun sunshine land\” where everything just works out for the player all the time.

Ruthlessly betraying my real life friends in LORD is what MADE a text base RPG more addictive than the nice graphical RPGs I played after my LORD day was done. Waiting to see them on the bus to middle school to laugh about the tragic death of their character on your crystal shard. Actually I one a tournament lord that very exact way. Level eleven, pked my friend, leveled, killed dragon.
Yeah its still in there, but you tok its teeth away. I would much rather see a more dynamic player battle system then clan halls. Why do you need clans in Lord? Stupid. You never battle ANYTHING together with someone in LORD, Cheating through clans is always a rampant thing and besides that, who wants to share the glory of killing the dragon? NO ONE. Status quo coop game play in multiplayer RPGs is lame, contrived BS.

I\’d rather have the challenge of having to rebuild my character from a lower level character coming in and shanking me then having to read one more post advertising for some stupid clan.

Anyways, my point is this, \” There really isn\’t a carrot if there isn\’t a stick.\” Page jag should have died by my adze when I used my thieving skills on him while he wassleeping in the field…but those thieving skills proved to be pretty useless. And instead of me being rewarded for taking advantage of poor jag, he is in fact taking advantage of this disfunctional system by saving money on the room and waiting for suckers like me that don\’t realize that there is no equalizing force for a lower level player.

I have to stop there…I\’m ranting. I hope I made my point because I like most other things that you have done with this game, but this stuff is what will make me walk away and wait for the next remake.

Maybe I\’ll find somebody remade usurper…that\’d be awesome. Was thinking about it.

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